About MB 9 Star Ki Astrology Software

MB 9 Star Ki Astrology software is an advanced yet simple program that makes the user familiar to one of the most ancient branches of Japanese astrology - the 9 Star Ki Astrology. The program offers an easy to use interface, which enables you to know about your nine star ki numbers and your relationships in general. It is thus a remarkable and an accurate analytical program based upon your birth date and covers your personality traits as well as your future forecasts.

The word 'Energy' is referred to as the 'Ki' according to Japanese astrology. 9 Star Ki Astrology displays your 9 Star Ki numbers, your Birth or Natal Chart, you 9 Star Ki Element and the predictions of your relationships. 9 Star Ki Astrology is generally known as the Japanese astrological method for determining your daily horoscope and personal relationships using the Nine Stars method, which has its basis on the Feng Shui 'Magic Square', or what is more commonly known as the Lo Shu.

MB 9 Star Ki Astrology software reading is based on three numbers - Principal Number, Character Number and the Energetic Number.

Principal Number

Principal number is the number which reflects your inner fundamental nature; the number which shows the pattern under which you were born. It is the number which tells a lot about your personality, your nature, your characteristic traits, your positive and negative traits and the like.

Character Number

Character number is the number which reflects your behavioral pattern since childhood till you reach the age of adolescence. This number also shows how we, as individuals respond to the pressures, difficulties and challenges of life and how we come out of it.

Energy Number

Energy Number is the number which describes the side of your personality which you show up when you meet a person for the time. The impression which you create upon others on meeting them is governed by the Energy Number.

MB Nine Star Ki Astrology Software generates your personal horoscope reading and allows you to determine your level of compatibility with your friends, family and relatives. The program also displays your 9 Star Ki numbers, 9 Star Ki Element and your 9 Star Ki Birth Chart.

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