About MB Astrology Nithya Yoga Software

Indian or the Hindu astrology is popularly known as Vedic Astrology. As per the Vedic astrology, the good and the bad actions in the past life of an individual determines his/her the present fate and the actions of the present life determines their future life. In the Indian system of astrology, apart form the effects of signs, the lagnas, the nakshatras and the twelve houses, the planets placed in certain particular positions imparts remarkable effects upon the natives. These planetary positions are known as Yogas.

MB Astrology Nithya Yoga is a remarkable and an accurate program which finds your Yoga based on your date of birth. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the Yoga you belong to and also tells you about your characteristic traits. It is an advanced yet handy software based on the concept of Hindu astrology. This is a complete freeware, and the best part lies in the fact that it can be administered within five to ten minutes. All you need to do is to input your personal details on the basis of which your Yoga will be calculated.

It is fortune, not wisdom that rules manís life.- said Cicero. Vedic astrology has been derived from the Vedas - the prime Hindu text of philosophy. It is the study of the positions of different planets with respect to the zodiac and the effect of these planets on an individual. Hindu astrology has solved the vexed question of the timing of events to a great extent with the help of the Yoga system which is in vogue amongst the Indians. The various influences that will prevail during the periods of rule of the different planets affect your health, your finances and your relationships. In total there are 27 Yogas. They have been listed as follows:

  • Vaidhriti
  • Vishkambha
  • Priti
  • Ayushman
  • Saubhagya
  • Sobhana
  • Atiganda
  • Sukarma
  • Dhriti
  • Soola
  • Ganda
  • Vriddha
  • Dhruva
  • Vyagatha
  • Harshana
  • Vajra
  • Siddhi
  • Vyatapata
  • Variyan
  • Parigha
  • Siva
  • Siddha
  • Sadhya
  • Subha
  • Sukla
  • Brahma
  • Indra

Precision is one of the most important factors of Vedic astrology calculations. The results generated by MB Astrology Nithya Yoga are highly accurate and is based on the astrological calculations. The Yoga is definitely better and accurate for the purpose of evaluating the overall characteristic of a person and helps him to improve him/herself for the better.

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