About MB Astrology-Numerology Glossary Software

Welcome to Mystic Board’s Free Astrology-Numerology Glossary Software! This is our first attempt at gathering a vast and extensive collection of all terms related to the extensive topics of astrology and numerology combined.

MB Astrology-Numerology Glossary Software includes:

  • Astrology Dictionary
  • Numerology Dictionary

MB Astrology-Numerology Glossary Software is Mystic Board’s latest offering in making the board the first and final destination for everything related to Astrology – Western as well as Vedic and also the wonderful world of numbers.

This glossary describes all the basics as well as the definitions for the concepts used in the above fields. This is a wonderful resource for amateurs as well as experts.

Currently there are about 1750 + words in the glossary with plans for over a total of 3000 words over time.

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