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What is your Balinese sign? Your zodiac sign in Bali astrology is of special importance since the Bali zodiac signs or Balinese signs are calculated on the basis of the Pawukon calendar. This Pawukon calendar is still actively used in Bali, an island in Indonesia.

The introduction of Pawukon calendar dates back to the 14th century. It has 210 days. The most interesting thing about Pawukon calendar is that it has as many as 10 different weeks running at the same time. The longest among the weeks has 10 days in it while the shortest has a single day.

The basis of Bali astrology or Balinese astrology is having taken into account all the ten weeks of Pawukon calendar, the Balinese signs or Bali zodiac signs are as many as 35 in number. The most important factor about these 35 Bali zodiac signs or astrological signs of Bali is that each of them has unique characteristics.

Would you like to know your Bali astrology sign or Balinese sign? You may also be looking for an analysis or interpretation of your Balinese sign. A Bali astrology reading or Balinese astrology analysis would reveal various aspects of your nature, character, and personality traits and many other aspects of your life.

If you are eager to get an interpretation for your Bali astrology sign or Balinese sign, you can try the MB Balinese Astrology Software. This is a splendid tool to get a detailed analysis of the various aspects of Bali astrology in relation to your Bali astrology sign or Balinese sign. You get to know the bird, tree, day and deity associated with your Bali astrology sign or Balinese sign.

MB Balinese Astrology Software has more to offer to its users. Below is the list of the characteristic features of MB Balinese Astrology Software.

  • MB Balinese Astrology Software offers you the details about your Bali astrology sign or Balinese sign.
  • This unique software lets you know the day, deity, bird, tree and also the animal associated with you or with your Balinese sign.
  • By using MB Balinese Astrology Software you can come to know the symbol of Bintang and also the Aspect of Bhuta Ulu.
  • In addition, this free Balinese astrology software that you can download for free, tells you more about your characteristics.
  • MB Balinese Astrology Software also offers you a Javanese comment on you on the basis of your Balinese sign.
  • You also come to know some additional details about your Balinese sign or Bali astrology sign by getting a Balinese astrology reading from MB Balinese Astrology Software.

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