Mystic Softwares is the SOFTWARE download section of as you all know is one of the leading esoteric forums on the Internet dealing in topics ranging from astrology, tarot, psychic to general topics. Mystic Software has been revamped and we present to you this new exhaustive collection of softwares, quiz, tests, reports and charts with a totally NEW look and interface.

From a single software, we have now grown to become the world’s largest resource of esoteric softwares with programs in over 75 categories. Be it astrology, psychic, tarot, numerology or occult, we have programs in all fields thus giving our users a wide choice depending on their interests. With more than 515 mystic software, we can let the programs speak for themselves. With over eight different dictionary programs having over 7000+ word meanings, even a layman can understand the meanings of the most complex of esoteric terms.

After much research and analysis, when we arrived at the conclusion that our members would appreciate online astrology and mystic softwares, it gave rise to new and exciting ideas. These softwares have been custom built specially by the team working for Users can download these software and learn much more from them in their free time. Members can use the results to clarify interpretations with experts on the board. We can proudly claim that nowhere on the Internet will you come across such a TOTAL collection of mystic programs, all under one roof.

And above all they are more FUN than anything else.

All these softwares have been developed by our team of programmers, web designers and content writers, who have put in a lot of effort and time to make these programs. Do encourage us by downloading these programs and using them. We would appreciate your feedback and suggestions. Upgrades will be provided as and when possible. To increase the future scope of the mystic software, we would ask our users to recommend more people to download and use these mystic softwares.

We hope you find this amazing collection of software useful and interesting. This is our first attempt at providing more enterprising and user friendly softwares for our members. All our programs are free to use without any license provided you contribute to the forum, so that more number of users can take advantage of all the resources we are trying to provide. We plan to develop more such mystic software in the near future and hope that we always have your support for the same.

In order to support the development of such mystic software, we even offer co-branding and fully-branding options to interested parties. This is beneficial in the long run to all the individuals involved as our main aim is the development and enhancement of the Mystic Board forum and related Mystic Softwares at the end of the day. Please contact for more details.

Hope you have a great time with this new organized collection of softwares!