About MB Chinese Zodiac Compatibility Software

MB Chinese Zodiac Compatibility is an advanced and effective match-making tool, which is based on the Chinese astrological analysis of your Chinese Zodiac sign.

MB Chinese Zodiac Compatibility helps you understand more about yourself in comparison to the other signs of the Chinese Zodiac calendar and thereby uncover previously unknown facets of your personality. Find out if you are a person truly influenced by your Chinese Zodiac sign. This software makes you better prepared for marriage or other possible relationships. Even if you simply want to know how you relate to your partner, this software is your best option. For more detailed analysis please do visit http://www.MysticBoard.com.

MB Chinese Zodiac Compatibility is a completely free test, and the best part lies in the fact that it can be administered within five minutes. You simply need to click on Continue and select your very own Chinese Zodiac sign, and it instantly displays several characteristics, some of whom even you did not know till date. Once your and your partnerís signs are found, it doesnít long to calculate the compatibility of the two signs.

The twelve Chinese Zodiac signs represented include Rat, Ox, Tiger, Dog, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Rabbit and Pig. As you select any one of them, the following are displayed:

A. Characteristics of your own Chinese Zodiac Sign

MB Chinese Zodiac Compatibility tries to give a basic idea about each sign based on the following features:

Element: Each sign combines with to one of these elements.

  • They are divided into:
  • Fire: Leader, charming and impulsive
  • Water: Flexible, diplomatic and intuitive
  • Earth: Emotional, disciplined and logical
  • Wood: Dignified, organized and responsible
  • Metal: Focused, impulsive and confident

Ruling Planet: This planet influences the particular zodiac sign.

Positive Traits: This gives the good characteristics of people belonging to a specific sign.

Negative Traits: This gives the negative characteristics of people belonging to a specific sign.

Most Compatible Sign: This defines the other signs that your sign is most compatible with.

Least Compatible Sign: This defines the other signs that your sign is least compatible with.

Lucky Color: This number indicates lucky colors for your sign.

Lucky Gemstone: This defines the stone that should be worn for prosperity.

Energy: This describes if your sign has positive (Yin) or negative (Yang) energy.

Favorable Season: This is the lucky season for your sign.

Favorable Month: This is the lucky month for your sign.

Famous People born under this Sign: This lists some great achievers born under this sign.

The Equivalent Sun Sign: This represents the associated sun sign for your Chinese sign.

Lucky Numbers: This gives the lucky numbers associated with your sign.

B. Characteristics of your compatibility with the other Chinese Zodiac Signs

This feature in MB Chinese Zodiac Compatibility helps you to judge how far you are compatible with a person either belonging to the same sign as yours or to a different sign of the Chinese Zodiac. Also, you tend to have a better understanding of your own as well as your partnerís personality. Thus, you are better prepared to strengthen your positive traits while keeping a close tab on the negative ones. This, in turn, will help you to lower possible frictions and clashes in your relationship.

C. Your compatibility score on a scale of one to ten with the other signs

MB Chinese Zodiac Compatibility gives a more direct result to judge your compatibility with your partner at a quantitative level as you get a rating on a scale of one to ten.

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