About MB Dowsing Software

MB Dowsing Software is an advanced yet simple to use dowsing software. This software lets people record their dowsing experiences and also explains the meanings of the different symbols that occur in one’s dowsing. MB Dowsing Software allows one to keep track of the different dowsing experiences in a form a dowsing diary.

Dowsing has been one of the most ancient forms of divination since time unknown; it is also referred to as the water witching or divining. Dowsing refers to the practices of detecting hidden water, metals, gemstones or other objects, usually obstructed by land or sometimes located on a map and this very detection is often done with the help of some kind of a movable object which can be either a moving rod or a pendulum or the like.

MB Dowsing is such a program which is a must have for all the dowsers across the world. It is with the help of this program, that you can easily keep track of each of your dowsing experiences. It acts like a personal dowsing diary, a glance at which will tell you what customer you dowsed for, what you were trying to locate, and the money due. Apart from this it can also help you to keep detailed address and special notes of each of your customers. You also can keep track of what dowsing tool was used, such as rods, a branch, or a pendulum. You can keep detailed records or info on an unlimited amount of customers and/or searches. You can search by name of customer, or item dowsed for, and dowsing tool. This software is what you or anyone should have if they do dowsing for fun or profit.

For the purpose of deriving the maximum benefit out of this software, you must fill in fields with information such as the contact information of the person you were dowsing for; the time and location of the dowsing; tools used; and what kind of resources you were searching for. You can search or sort your database of records or view data in chart form. The best part of MB Dowsing is that it is totally free of cost. If you dowse for fun and profit, this software can likely make the record-keeping process easier.

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