About MB Feng Shui Lo Shu Software

MB Feng Shui Lo Shu is a remarkable and accurate Feng Shui program that helps one analyze their destiny with regards to the Five Chinese Elements. It recreates the Lo Shu grid based on oneís date of birth so that we can get a clear picture of what life has in store for us. This interactive program has a simple to user interface and also gives remedial measures for the missing elements.

The Lo Shu grid is a 3 X 3 magic square in which the sum of the three numbers add up to 15 - row wise, column wise and diagonally. This is an ancient Chinese grid that shows manís interaction with the five elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, Wood and Metal. In MB Feng Shui Lo Shu all the elements are needed for a prosperous life are analyzed on the basis of the date of birth.

Each metal is associated with a particular number.

  • Water Element - 1
  • Earth Element - 2, 5, 8
  • Wood Element - 3, 4
  • Metal Element - 6, 7
  • Fire Element - 9
  • By entering the date of birth below, the missing element and its effect on the concerned person is ascertained. Each digit in a personís birth date is associated with the corresponding element and the missing factor is known.

    Remedial measures to counter the lack of elements for the person are also suggested by the software as listed below:

    Remedial Measures for the Missing Element in your birth chart:

    • Earth:
      • Use a square or rectangular wooden dining table.
      • Move your bedroom or office to the South Western corner of your house.
      • Keep a greenstone pyramid in South West for strength and consistency.
      • Hang pictures of mountain on your South sidewall.
      • Hang a yellow bulb in the Center of the room.
    • Wood:
      • Keep musical chimes at the entrance of the house.
      • Keep the North Eastern side of your home clean and tidy.
      • Place a green light in the East and South East direction.
      • Place a picture of some greenery in the East and South East direction.
      • Place small flowering plants in the East and North East directions.
    • Fire:
      • Keep a red lamp in the South East corner of your home.
      • Keep a flowering plant in your sitting room.
      • Keep an oven in the South East direction.
      • Keep an energized red pyramid.
    • Metal:
      • Wear some gold jewellery on your right hand.
      • Hang a golden yellow wind chime in the West, North West or North.
      • Keep an energized yellow pyramid.
      • Keep metal sculptures made of gold solver, bronze or copper in the West or North West.
    • Water:
      • Keep water filled bowl in the East or North East direction.
      • You can also keep a water fish aquarium.
      • Give water to the thirsty people.
      • A fountain or swimming pool in the North too will serve the purpose.
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