About MB Flying Star Feng Shui Software

MB Flying Star Feng Shui determines the plot chart of your house from the date when your house was built. This program attempts to give you a detailed interpretation of the direction of your house, the period when it was built as per the Feng Shui rules, the facing palace of your house, the facing star of your house and also the mountain palace and the star facing your. This program also helps a person in having an overview of his house and the plot on which it has been built.

Over the last few years, Feng Shui has gained immense popularity across the world. Flying Star Feng Shui is practically based on the principle of I-Ching. It is a very common and traditional style of Feng Shui which has been practiced by the people of the ancient Asia and China for centuries. The concept of Flying Star is neither astrology nor numerology. It is fully based on the principles of logic and mathematics. Flying Star is the analysis of the 'qi' energy and the patterns that affect our lives and our work. Flying Star Feng Shui is also known as the Xuan Kong. It is a very popular form of Feng Shui that is used by almost all the good professionals. Like the principles of Feng Shui, there are five elements involved with Flying Star as well.

The five elements are:

  • 1. Water.
  • 2. Earth.
  • 3. Fire.
  • 4. Wood.
  • 5. Metal.

Each of these five elements has their own good and bad effects. A bad star should however be weakened but not destroyed as it may lead to more troubles and greater conflicts.

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