About MB Indonesian Astrology Software

MB Indonesian Astrology Software determines your Indonesian horoscope from your date of birth. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of the day group you belong to as per the astrological culture of Indonesia. The program tells you about your positive and negative characteristic traits, your personality in general thus helping you to improve yourself for the better.

Indonesian Astrology is as old as the ancient civilization of Indonesia and this form of astrology continues to remain popular in that part of the world. Also known as Balinese astrology, the Javanese people determine their horoscopes and zodiacs based on the date of birth of an individual and how that particular day fits into the 35-day cycle formed by superimposing the traditional i.e. the Indonesian 5-day pasaran (weekdays) and the Western weekdays that are 7 in number. The traditional five day pasaran are: Legi, Pahing, Pon, Wage and Kliwon and the seven weekdays as per Western calendar are named as follows:

  • Sunday - Minggu
  • Monday - Senin
  • Tuesday- Selasa
  • Wednesday - Rabu
  • Thursday - Kemis
  • Friday - Jumat
  • Saturday - Sabtu

The Javanese Horoscope of a person is determined by superimposing the Indonesian 5-day pasaran and the Western 7 day week cycle into the 35 day cycle which generates 35 different astrological results that is more commonly known as that person's WETON.

The most interesting part of Indonesian astrology is that the WETON CYCLE gets repeated every 35 days and as such the Indonesian's have their birthdays every 35 days as well. Apart from knowing their personality and characteristic traits, it is the belief of the Javanese people that their WETON discloses everything about their past, present as well as their future. But this is a vague notion in the present century. These days the people believe that it is their personality that gets reflected through their WETON and this is what exactly MB Indonesian Astrology Software does.

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