MB Karmic Debt Number Software Help

MB Karmic Debt Number Software indicates the mistakes you have made, the opportunities you have missed in your previous lifetimes. This number gives you an opportunity to rectify the errors done in previous lifetimes by taking an additional burden in this lifetime which is known as the Karmic Debt. For more details about this please visit http://www.MysticBoard.com.

The software has a simple and easy to use interface that is explained below:

Screen 1

When you start the software the Startup Screen will show you various options and information about the software (click here to see sample screen shot and all its options explained in details.) - ranging from the software version number (caption 2 in screen shot) to the software System ID (caption 4 in screen shot) to the three different registration methods (caption 11, 12, 13 and 14 in screen shot) and also unlock option (caption 7 in screen shot) for the software so that you can use it without any time or feature limitations.

Among the various options you will see there are THREE BUTTONS (captions numbers 5, 6 and 7). The help button will bring you to the MB Karmic Debt Number Software. Unlock will open the unlock code input screen.

In order to start using the software you need to Click the "CONTINUE" button to go to the MB Karmic Debt Number Software's Main Screen and start using the software.

Click on Continue to go to the main screen.

Screen 2

In the main screen, fill in the details of your full name and date of birth, and click on the Next tab to go to the results screen.

Screen 3

In the results screen, you can view your Karmic Debt Number.

Along with this number, a detailed description is also provided which reveals how to locate your actual problems in life, and work around them in order to emerge a winner.

You can get more details about software registration at http://www.mysticboard.com/register.html

Menu Options:

File> Next: This command takes you to the result screen.

File> Exit: Choose this option to quit the program.

Help> Online Help: Choose this option to access the help page for this software.

Help> Visit Us Online: Click on this to visit http://www.mysticboard.com

Help> Register Software: Click on this option to know more about software registration details.

Help> Check for Software Update: Click on this option when you want to check if any recent updates of the software are available on the site.

Help> About Software: This displays a summary of what the software does.

Donate: Use this option to donate funds to Divination Softwares.

Back: This command allows you to go to the initial screen of the program.

Exit: This command allows you to exit the program.

You can get more details about software registration at http://www.mysticboard.com/register.html

Information is also available at the bottom of the main screen for co-branding options.

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