About MB Life Path Number Software

MB Life Path Number Software is an interactive and easy to use software, which talks about the life path number, or simply the sum of your birth date. It reveals your personality at birth, and also points out those characteristics, which you are likely to possess in your entire lifetime.

MB Life Path Number Software helps you to calculate your life path number which refers to your native in-born qualities that would accompany you throughout your life. This software will help you to get an insight into the nature of your journey of life. For more detailed analysis please do visit http://www.MysticBoard.com.

The Life Path is the sum of the digits of your date if birth. Add all the numbers together to reduce it to a single number

e.g.: 06/08/1979= 6+8+1+9+7+9 =40=4.

Life path Number = 4

This number states who you are at the time of birth and all about your inborn traits. This number describes how things will go in your life.

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