About MB Love Test Software

MB Love Test is a comprehensive compatibility test software that lets you check your level of compatibility with your partner. The program has been designed keeping in mind the average internet user. It is simple to use and easy to understand. This small yet advanced software allows the user to check his/ her level of compatibility with his/ her partner from each and every astrological angle. MB Love Test is a combination software that has taken into account Chinese astrology, Moon Sign Astrology, Numerology, Zodiac astrology, Kundali Match and Astro Compatibility.

Astro Compatibility calculates the level of compatibility of two individuals based on the position of the planets, signs and house in a person's natal chart.

Kundali Match is Vedic astrology based compatibility test software which calculates the level of compatibility between two persons based on their rashi and nakshatra.

Chinese Zodiac Compatibility offers a better insight into your life, and helps you understand more about yourself in comparison to the other animal signs of the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

Moon is associated with our feelings and emotions and as such Moon Sign plays an important role in determining our level of compatibility with our partners. It is the moon sign which also reveals certain hidden aspects of you and your partner, the unknown facets of your personality.

Numerology Compatibility gives you an instant look at your numbers and helps you learn what they forecast about your partner.

Zodiac Compatibility helps you analyze your relationships based on the different planetary positions at the time of your birth.

MB Love Test generates the compatibility report of you and your partner based on all of the above calculations. This match making software is accurate to a high degree, thus giving an insight into one’s relationship.

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