MB Magickal Name Software Help

Are you wondering how to find your magickal name? If you are, we will tell you here the best way to find your magickal name. You will also get to know the magickal name value or the magical name number, if you already have a magickal name. To know the most suitable magickal names that reflect your persona and to know the magickal name value or the magickal name number for your magickal name, you must try MB Magickal Name Software. You can download this software for free.

MB Magickal Name Software is a very simple and easy to use software that suggests free magickal names that suit your personality best and reflect it most appropriately. This software also tells you your magickal name number or magickal name value and your birth number.

When you start the software the Startup Screen will show you various options and information about the software (click here to see sample screen shot and all its options explained in details.) - ranging from the software version number (caption 2 in screen shot) to the software System ID (caption 4 in screen shot) to the three different registration methods (caption 11, 12, 13 and 14 in screen shot) and also unlock option (caption 7 in screen shot) for the software so that you can use it without any time or feature limitations.

Among the various options you will see there are THREE BUTTONS (captions numbers 5, 6 and 7). The help button will bring you to the MB Magickal Name Software. Unlock will open the unlock code input screen.

In order to start using the software you need to Click the "CONTINUE" button to go to the MB Magickal Name Software's Main Screen and start using the software.

The following instructions help you run the software and find magickal names or magickal name number.

Choose the ‘Continue’ option to reach the input screen where you have to enter the data asked for.

There are two sections in the input screen of MB Magickal Name Software.

The first section is to serve the purpose of the user if he or she already has a magickal name. In that case the user has to enter his or her name and date of birth. A click on the ‘Find My Magickal Name’ button will land you in the result page.

The second section is to serve you if you do not have a magickal name and are looking for one that would be most suitable for you, and will most efficiently reflect the essence of your personality. You have to enter the magickal name you have already chosen for yourself.

The result page of MB Magickal Name Software tells you your magickal name value or magickal name number.

A number of free magical names are also suggested by MB Magickal Name Software. Choose any one from these magickal names since they have been specially chosen for you considering your birth number. They are sure to be suitable for you and will also reflect your personality most appropriately.

If you want to find another magickal name number or magickal name value, or if you want to find a magickal name again, click on the ‘Do It Once Again’ button to go back to the input screen.

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