About MB Manglik Software

Manglik dosha, often referred to as mangalik dosha or Mangal dosha, is thought to be problematic to human beings. Those who are manglik or mangalik are likely to suffer the problems created by planet Mars, as it is believed in astrology. Manglik dosha is also known by a number of common names. For instance, manglik dosha is commonly referred to in astrology as Mars Dosha, Mangal Dosha, Mangalik Dosha, Bhom Dosha, Kuja Dosha and also as Angaraka Dosha.

"Am I a manglik?" This must be exactly the question that is hovering in your mind right now. What might have worried you even more is where or whom to ask ‘Am I a Manglik’? It is time for you to put an end to all your worries and get rid of the anxiety of being a manglik or not. Through proper manglik dosha check or manglik dosha analysis, it can be calculated if you are a manglik (or mangalik) or not.

Interested to know how to calculate manglik dosha or how to know if you are a manglik? The manglik dosha can be calculated through the Lagna Chart or the Ascendant chart and also through the Chandra Chart or the Moon Chart. If you want to get your lagna chart and moon chart, and know the status of manglik dosha for you, you should download MB Manglik Software.

MB Manglik Software does manglik analysis or manglik dosha calculation and tells you of you are a manglik or a non manglik. It states very clearly if you are manglik or non manglik according to not only the lagna chart or ascendant chart but also the Chandra chart or the moon chart. You can take the results of manglik dosha check or manglik dosha calculation to any veteran astrologer who can tell you the right manglik dosha remedies or manglik dosha cure or manglik dosha solution.

The list of the features of MB Manglik Software is provided below.

  • MB Manglik Software does manglik dosha calculation or manglik dosha analysis and tells you if you are a manglik or non manglik.
  • MB Manglik Software also offers you your lagna chart or ascendant chart.
  • MB Manglik Software calculates your manglik dosha according to the lagna chart or ascendant chart and also according to the Chandra chart or the moon chart.
  • MB Manglik Software clearly states according to which chart you are manglik or non manglik.
  • The results of the manglik dosha calculation produced by MB Manglik Software mentions the percentage of your being manglik.
  • You can take the chart and also the result to any veteran astrologer and get a proper manglik dosha cure or manglik dosha remedy.
  • You can save the result of your manglik dosha calculation and see it in future.
  • MB Manglik Software is user-friendly.

Click here to download MB Manglik Software and find if you are non manglik.

Need help to run MB Manglik Software? Visit the help page for detailed instructions.

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