About MB Mayan Astrology Birth Chart Software

MB Mayan Astrology Birth Chart generates your birth chart based on Mayan principles. The different glyphs in the specific positions have their own importance and effects on our lives.

Mayan civilization came into existence for over one thousand years; the ancient Maya interpreted and understood time in a particular way which was totally different from any other existing culture or civilization. They understood and accepted the fact that time was not linear; it is just a series of repeating cycles i.e. the end of one cycle is the beginning of the other one. This is what led to the development of Mayan astrology based on the interpretations of Mayan Calendar. Anybody and everybody who are interested to use the Mayan Calendar symbols can use it for the purpose of finding their path. These symbols are universal in nature and excel the third-dimensional time. The goal is to become one with the galactic mind.

The Mayan birth chart is similar to the natal chart generated in Western astrology. It consists of glyphs placed in the four main directions of north, south, east and west and the birth glyph placed in the centre.

The significance of the different glyph positions in the Mayan Birth Chart are explained below:

Occult: This signifies magical gift that you have in you. This is placed in the south.

Ally: This signifies features common with you personality. This is placed in the east.

Birth: This signifies the features for your day of birth. This is placed in the north.

Challenge: This signifies the challenges that up may have to face and situations where you have to show your courage. This is placed in the west.

Guide: This signifies the force that influences your action. This is placed in the north.

The names of the different glyphs are:

  • Red Dragon
  • White Wind
  • Blue Night
  • Yellow Seed
  • Red Serpent
  • White Worldbridger
  • Blue Hand
  • Yellow Star
  • Red Moon
  • White Dog
  • Blue Monkey
  • Yellow Human
  • Red Skywalker
  • White Wizard
  • Blue Eagle
  • Yellow Warrior
  • Red Earth
  • White Mirror
  • Blue Storm
  • Yellow Sun

MB Mayan Astrology Birth Chart is a freeware and the best part is it can be administered within two to five minutes. All you have to do is to enter your date of birth and the software does the rest for you.

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