About MB Mole Reading Software

MB Mole Reading Software is a remarkable and accurate program that deals with the study of Moles. It is an advanced yet simple and handy program that helps you to understand the significance of your moles. MB Mole Reading Software has been designed based on the theory that moles, if interpreted correctly, can tell you a lot about a person’s character, his personality and can even go as far as to give a generalized prediction about his near future. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of your moles.

Like palmistry, tarot and numerology, Moleosophy or the study of moles is also a branch of astrology – a form of divination by studying the moles or the birthmarks on your body. Moleosophy or the study of moles on the body was developed dates back during the civilization of the ancient Greeks. Much can be known from the positions of these marks on your body. In short, these are your fame and fortune indicators. Moles are classified on the basis of a number of factors like its color, shape, size and location. Based on all these factors, the characteristics of a person can be determined. Although this branch of astrology is not as popular as some of the mainstream divination tools like the tarot, palmistry, numerology and the like, but on a serious note, moles should never go unchecked.

Since your childhood days, you might have wondered about what that mole on your left shoulder means? Or as to why do you have that one mole on your right toe? But all your questions and wonderings remained unanswered and unattended. Now with MB Mole Reading Software you can yourself read and interpret what the moles located in different parts of your body mean.

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