MB Moon Phase Software Help

MB Moon Phase is an excellent resource that aids in the calculation of the changing Moon Phases. The software is surely to be of great help to people of all ages and can be very easily run even by the average computer users. It has always been the aim of MysticBoard.com to develop simple and 'user-friendly' software and MB Moon Phase is an example of one such a resource.

The software has a simple and easy to use interface that is explained below:

When you start the software the Startup Screen will show you various options and information about the software (click here to see sample screen shot and all its options explained in details.) - ranging from the software version number (caption 2 in screen shot) to the software System ID (caption 4 in screen shot) to the three different registration methods (caption 11, 12, 13 and 14 in screen shot) and also unlock option (caption 7 in screen shot) for the software so that you can use it without any time or feature limitations.

Among the various options you will see there are THREE BUTTONS (captions numbers 5, 6 and 7). The help button will bring you to the MB Moon Phase Software. Unlock will open the unlock code input screen.

In order to start using the software you need to Click the "CONTINUE" button to go to the MB Moon Phase Software's Main Screen and start using the software.

Click on Continue to go to the main screen.

Enter the date for which you want to calculate the Moon Phase.

Click on Calculate Moon Phase to generate the result which will be displayed on your screen.

MB Moon Phase Software has been technically programmed to let you allow the software to run automatically each time you start up your computer and it will run in the system tray (near the computer clock). Click on Run at start-up and then tick on the checkbox corresponding to 'Start at System Tray' to activate the program.

In case you do not want to run it every time you start up your systems, click on 'Don't run at Start-Up' and it will stop running at startup.

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