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MB Astrology Natal Chart Software Help

MB Astrology Natal Chart Software
generates the birth chart for a person based on Western or Tropical Astrology.

In the opening welcome screen, there are 3 options:

1. Help - Click on Help to access the online help for using the software.

2. Continue - Click this to continue using the software.

3. Register - This software is a POSTWARE ( Click here to know more about POSTWARE) and comes with certain limitations. You are required to register yourself on and make at least 25 posts or a donation of US$5, which will help the community grow and to support the development of more softwares. For more details on registration CLICK HERE.

Click on Continue to go to the main screen.

**Kindly note: All date setting in this program are according to the DD/MM/YYYY format.

Enter the following details:
• Name
Date of Birth in the DD/MM/YYYY format.
Time of Birth in the HH/MM/SS format.
Longitude of the place of birth
Latitude of the place of birth

This has to be mentioned correctly with the directions box checked and with minutes for correct analysis.

City of birth
State of birth
Country of birth

If latitude and longitude is not known, then click on Click here to find Latitude & Longitude. This will direct you to that will help you find the right information.

Click on Get My Natal Chart to proceed.

The Natal Chart is displayed in the centre of the screen. The planets in different signs are shown depending on the input birth details.

The input birth details are also displayed.

The details displayed include:
• The Ascendant or the Rising Sign
• The Sun Sign
• The Moon Sign

The Planetary Positions of the following planets in different signs is also displayed:

• Sun
• Moon
• Mars
• Mercury
• Venus
• Jupiter
• Saturn
• Ascendant

Menu Options:

File >New: Click on this option to generate a new chart.
File > Open: Click on this option to open a saved chart.
File > Save: This option allows you to save the generated chart.
File > Export Chart As Text: Click on this option to save the chart in a text format.
File> Back: This command takes you back to the initial screen.
File> Exit: Choose this option to quit the program.
Help> Online Help: Choose this option to access the help page for this software.
Help> Visit Us Online: Click on this to visit
Help> Register Software: Click on this option to know more about software registration details.
Help> Check for Software Update: Click on this option when you want to check if any recent updates of the software are available on the site.
Help> About Software: This displays a summary of what the software does.
Donate: Use this option to donate funds to Divination Softwares.

Exit: This command allows you to exit the program.

Information is also available at the bottom of the main screen for co-branding options.

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