About MB Palmistry Compatibility Software

MB Palmistry Compatibility is a unique relationship compatibility test software that helps one analyze his/ her relationships based on the concepts of Palmistry. It gives an insight to any relationship and helps analyze the similarity and differences between couples. This also aids a person to make one of the most important decisions of his/ her life. MB Palmistry Compatibility Software involves the art or practice of telling fortunes related to the marital life of a person from the lines and configurations on the palm of his/ her hand. This is a complete freeware, and the best part is it can be administered within five to eight minutes. All you need to do is to compare your and your partner's hand with the images displayed in the software.

It is said that the left hand is the hand we are born with and the right hand is the hand we make. So it is suggested that you analyze your Right Hand FIRST and then your Left Hand. Choose the appropriate features that stand true for you and your partner and within minutes, you can view a free personalized palmistry compatibility report.

The questions asked are based on the following features:

  • Shape of Hand
  • Skin Texture
  • Thickness of the hands
  • Shape of Fingers
  • Thumbs
  • Shape of Nails
  • Head Line
  • Heart Line
  • Mount of Venus

These features represent the following:

1. Shape of Hand


The shape of hand helps you to understand the character and disposition of your partner in general.

2. Skin Texture


Skin texture reflects the degree of physical, emotional and sentimental compatibility of the partners.

3. Thickness of the hands


Thickness of the hand reflects the emotional strength of a person; it also lets you judge the capacity of your partner to sense your inner feelings and desires.

4. Shape of Finger


The finger shapes provide a deep understanding with respect to your partnerís talents and qualities.

5. Thumbs


After the shape of hands, fingers, skin texture and thickness of hands, comes the structure of the thumb. The thumb is one of the most important members of the hand. It is the structure of the thumb that gives a good character reading of your partner.

6. Shape of Nails


The fingernails tell you more about the general disposition of your own and also about other hereditary traits.

7. Head Line

Significance & Location:

The Head Line rises above the Life Line and spans across the hand. The Head Line indicates mainly the mentality of a person. It helps you relate to the intellectual strength or weakness of your partner.

8. Heart Line

Significance & Location:

The Heart Line spans from the base of index finger to the base of your little finger. This is the line that indicates love, romance and the attraction of the sexes. It shows your loving nature.

9. Mount of Venus


The Mount of Venus is associated with your emotions and sex.

MB Palmistry Compatibility helps you to analyze your life along with your proposed partner through your hands. For more detailed analysis please visit http://www.MysticBoard.com.

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