About MB Personal Year Number Software

MB Personal Year Number is an user-friendly yet simple software that basically predicts what lies ahead of you in the calendar year ahead. This software helps you to realize that every particular year has a specific energy, which should be effectively harnessed for your own welfare.

The Personal Year of a person indicates the trends of the forthcoming year for a person. You can calculate your personal year from the following method:

It is calculated by reducing the day of your birth and the month of your birth to single digits. Then reduce the year of your birth to a single digit. Now add the digits representing the three components of your birth date to single digit. This digit added to the single digit representing the year in question gives the personal year of a person.

For example: Suppose the date of birth of a person is 22.04.87. Adding the day of the birth we get the digit 4. Adding the month of the birth we get the digit 4. Adding the year of the birth we get the digit 6. Thus adding the three components of the date of birth we get the digit 5. Suppose the year in question is 2006. Adding the digits of this year we get the digit 8.

So 5 added to 8 is 13 which is again reduced to the digit 4. So, ultimately 4 is the personal year number of the person.

MB Personal Year Number Software gives you an idea about the trends and influences of the particular year on your life. This number can be calculated by adding the digits of your birthday, your month of birth and your year of birth. There are 9 personal years with nine different types of levels of development. So this software helps you in reevaluate whether you are able to deal with the problems more efficiently than nine years back. For more details about this please visit http://www.MysticBoard.com.

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