About MB Pet Astrology Software

Astrology is not just meant for the human beings. Be it your cat or dog or fish or horse, all are influenced by the planetary positions and transition of the stars in the universe. Did you ever wonder why your canine is so very snobbish or why your kitten obeys you even under dire circumstances? The answers to your questions can be determined from your little pup's or kitten's date of birth. And this is exactly what MB Pet Astrology aims to do.

MB Pet Astrology is an interesting tool that lets you determine your pet's characteristics and overall personality just from their date of birth. Astrology plays a distinctive role in the life of these little animals and MB Pet Astrology helps you understand this. It will be so easier for you to bring up your pet and understand the tricks and behavior that you may have to face as a result of the influence of the astrological signs.

Animals like human beings are sensitive to the influence of stars, their movements and positions and respond well to the tides of the moon. They too have their own unique astrology based on the time and place of birth. Astrology for pets is a branch of predictive science that is practically unknown to most of us. But it is true that like human beings, animals can also be classified under the twelve zodiac signs based on their date of birth. Knowing the zodiac of your pets and being aware of its characteristic traits will definitely help you to treat and train them accordingly.

MB Pet Astrology is a simple and 'user-friendly' software that help you to understand your pets better. It is a complete freeware and the best part is, the reading can be administered within five to eight minutes. Find out more about your little pets and make life easier for you as well as for these little animals!

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