About MB Rational Thought Number Software

MB Rational Thought Number Software is software which is simple and interactive, and highlights the various ways in which you can probably develop your own thought process. This number, which is derived by adding up the value of all the letters in your first name, reveals whether you are a practical thinker or more of a dreamer.

The rational thought number describes the way you think. Whether you are a practical person, a methodical person or a dreamer is gauged from your rational thought number.

Your Rational Thought number can be calculated by adding the digits representing the letters of your name (of your full name at birth) to the day of your birth. From the table given below we can get the Rational Thought Number of a person.

E.g. suppose a personís name is John at birth and date of birth is 1, January 1950. Adding the digits of the letters we get the number 2. By adding the number 2 to his day of birth which is 1, we get the number 3. Thus 3 is the rational thought number of the person.

MB Rational Thought Number Software helps you to realize about your own mental attitude. By studying your Rational Thought Number you can understand how your mind works in different lifeís situations. This software thus helps you in understanding your whole personality, your level of intelligence and your ability to think logically. For more details about this please visit http://www.MysticBoard.com.

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