About MB Runes Software

MB Runes Software is a complete rune reading cum customized deck / spread creation software. Runes have long been used as a divination tool used to bring about clarity and inspiration in you spiritual thinking. This also helps in solving your day-to-day issues and problems.

MB Runes Software consists of two parts:

1. Runes Deck / Spread Design & Share:

This includes the Deck Design and Spread Design options. Users can develop their own decks or spreads according to the way they visualize it. This is an interesting way to improve your skills as you can send/ receive your files and receive feedback on your creations. A person can create a deck or a spread using this software. He can then save it as a file on his hard disk and send it someone else. Any person with MB Runes Software has to just import the sent file and view it on his PC. He can further make changes with permission from the designer and forward it to more people. We just request people using this software to post the created decks on http://www.MysticBoard.com.

2. Runes Reading:

Rune stones have been used for fortune telling for ages and have remained popular ever since. They are seen as a means of getting in touch with the spiritual world.

A user can receive a reading based on the pre-designed decks / spreads that come with the software or the ones he has custom developed.

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