About MB Tamil Astrology Software

MB Tamil Astrology Software determines your nakshatra and then finds out your ruling bird as the Tamil Astrology based on your date of birth. This program gives you a detailed interpretation of your characteristic, your behavioral pattern, your basic nature and also about your personality. The software also helps a person understand his personality and improve himself for the better.

Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology has been derived from the Vedas, the prime Hindu text of philosophy. It is the study of the positions of different planets with respect to the zodiac and the effect of these planets on an individual. Hindu astrology has solved the vexed question of the timing of events to a great extent with the help of the Nakshatra system which is in vogue amongst the Indians.

According to Vedic astrology the zodiac is divided into 27 parts of 13 degrees and 20 minutes each. Each division is known as a Nakshatra. The term - 'Naksha' means 'to approach' and the term 'Tra' means 'to guard'. The term Nakshatra is very much used in Indian Astrology. It means a division of sky. There are 12 zodiac signs in all and each Nakshatra is associated with a zodiac sign. The nakshatra is closely associated with the movement of the heavenly bodies and their positions.

The Hindus take the exact position of the Moon at the time of birth, find out in which Nakshatra or star the Moon then was in. On the basis of this calculation, the ruling bird of a particular Nakshatra as per the Tamil Astrology is known. This Shastra is one of the most ancient forms of Vedic astrology, based on Tamil literature. ‘Panch’ is a Sanskrit term which means 'five' and ‘Pakshi’ means 'Bird'. This form of astrology resembles very much to the Panch-Bhuta i.e. the five elements system of Vedic Astrology. It is believed that Five Birds represents the Five Elements which in turn influences and controls the human life. Moreover, it is also believed that these five birds take their turns and radiate their individual powers during the day as well as during the night.

The Five Birds as per the Tamil Astrology are:

  • 1. Vulture
  • 2. Owl
  • 3. Crow
  • 4. Cock
  • 5. Peacock

Precision is one of the most determinant factors as far as Vedic Astrology is concerned. MB Tamil Astrology Software is a highly accurate and an interesting program which describes in detail the characteristics of the person ruled over by the birds of Tamil Astrology.

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