About MB Tarot Tutor And Glossary Software

MB Tarot Tutor And Glossary Software is the complete tarot card learning software that includes tutorials, tests and a complete tarot dictionary for reference. This unique tarot learning software helps users and beginners understand the basics of tarot card reading with a- learn-and-then-test your skills option and a reference dictionary. This program uses the Rider Waite Deck. The program also includes a Goal Reminder which helps the user set goals that he intends to accomplish and keep reminding him about them.

Tarot card reading has always been known as a divination tool to know what your future has in store for you. People who are inclined towards the psychic part of their own self will find this tool to be of great help. The dictionary software is also a very useful feature that incorporates a vast number of tarot related words and will be frequently updated. The program can be used to memorize different meanings and keywords of the different cards as well as test the userís knowledge. This is a great esoteric tool for both amateurs as well as experts. As newer and more sophisticated decks are being designed, it is very difficult for a novice to understand the basics unless guided in the right direction. Only then can one develop a keen interest and improve his intuitive skills.

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