About MB Vastu Shastra Software

MB Vastu Shastra is a remarkable and accurate program based on the ancient art and science of Indian architecture. This art of interior designing has originated from one of the oldest and the most famous Vedas – the Atharva Veda. This interactive program has a simple to user interface and also provides a basic idea as to how to harmonize your dwelling place and also helps you to see the specific relationships between the various parts of your house and rooms and the different aspects of your life.

Vastu has its roots in the ancient Vedas which are approximately four to five thousand years old. It is the sublime elucidation of your surrounding environment and their influence on your life. Vaastu is a Sanskrit term which means “house". The study is based on the principles established to create a harmony between the fine elements - Earth, fire, air, water and the sky – the five things which make up our environment.

Unarguably, Vastu Shastra is an integral part of astrology which not only considers the physical success of human beings to be important but also takes into consideration the mental peace and tranquility. Even during the ancient ages, many saints have applied their Vastu knowledge and judgment to ward off the negative effects of our environment so as to enhance the advantageous effect that it can have on our life. It is the science and the art, which unifies the two branches – astrology and astronomy. It can also be said as an ancient mystic science for designing and building. Vastu helps us to make our lives better and will secure from things going wrong.

MB Vastu Shastra Software helps you to understand where you should be making enhancements to improve problem areas and which parts of the home you ought to focus on. It is with the help of this software that the users can understand, interpret and learn as to how to emphasize the important areas of life that needs our immediate attention. This program has been designed to make it one of the most interactive tools based on Vedic astrology, thus helping you with all the calculations and diagrams needed to interpret the mystic energies for human life, houses and rooms.

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