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MB Enneagram Software

MB Enneagram Software is a wonderful and meaningful software that helps people understand their personality type and analyze their nature. It generates your more dominant personality thus helping you in your dealings and profession. It helps people understand their relations with others thus developing much stronger bonds between people. MB Enneagram Software uses the 9 distinct personality types and shows how these types react and behave in happy and stressful situations.

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MB Color Test

MB Color Test Software is a personality test based on our preference of colors. It has been developed on the basis of work done by Dr. Max Luscher and is used in different forms by doctors, psychologists and companies to understand the personality of a person and help him/her gain self confidence by coming to terms with their weaknesses and overcoming them.

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MB Graphology

MB Graphology aims to help you in your quest of understanding yourself with the help of your handwriting. It is a thought provoking program based on the science which reflects the changing nature and behavioral pattern of human beings. Our handwriting tells us more about our personality than we actually understand. This software can help you remove your negative qualities and become more positive in life. Graphology or the study of handwriting is a widely researched field and Mystic Board aims to make this subject more accessible to the common man with the help of this software.

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