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MB Divination Dictionary

MB Divination Dictionary Software is an online reference tool for people interested in everything related to divination and anything esoteric. The vast nature of the topic sometimes discourages people from learning more about it. The main aim in developing this software is to provide even a layman with information easily at his fingertips so that he can venture and learn more about these interesting subjects. This glossary is one of its kinds on the Internet that covers extensively about astrology, tarot, runes, numerology, psychic, dream, aromatherapy and occult.

This free online software is as complete as it can get thus making Mystic Board the one and only resource of such an extensive nature. The software is simple, thus encouraging even novices to use it to clear their doubts. MB Divination Software is an attempt at making Mystic board the ultimate destination for divination related information.

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MB Pagan Diary

MB Pagan Diary is such an e-book which serves the purpose of a notebook, a spell book, a recipe book, a journal, a personal magic diary and much more. MB Pagan Diary is a tool which helps you to keep a record of your personal notes; it is a diary which enables you to keep a track of your spiritual or magickal experiences.

Pagan Diaries were known as the 'Book of Shadows'. Book of Shadows refer to the journals which keep a track of the witchcrafts practiced by the witch. It is important for each and every witch to keep a personal record book. Previously these Book of Shadows used to a simple handwritten document, just like any normal personal notebook or diary. MB Pagan Diary is a compilation of a notebook, spell book, recipe book, magic diary and the like and thus it allows you to record all your personal spell information and keep a track of your spiritual experiences.

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MB Pagan

MB Pagan is the ultimate Pagan software and is a must have online resource for all the pagans and the wiccans which provides one with a whole lot of information related to the Pagan paths, pagan gods, goddesses, pagan festivals, pagan elements, the pagan calendar and much more. The program also portrays the important neo-pagan festivals and religious holidays along with their origins which are important in modern paganism. MB Pagan is an unique and interactive Pagan tool. This software is a great information resource and as such it is a definite MUST HAVE for any pagan, Wiccan or anybody who wants to know more about the pagan culture.

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MB Dowsing

Dowsing has been one of the most ancient forms of divination since time unknown; it is also referred to as the water witching or divining. MB Dowsing Software is an advanced yet simple to use dowsing software. This software lets people record their dowsing experiences and also explains the meanings of the different symbols that occur in one’s dowsing. MB Dowsing Software allows one to keep track of the different dowsing experiences in a form a dowsing diary.

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