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MB Divination Dictionary

MB Divination Dictionary Software is an online reference tool for people interested in everything related to divination and anything esoteric. The vast nature of the topic sometimes discourages people from learning more about it. The main aim in developing this software is to provide even a layman with information easily at his fingertips so that he can venture and learn more about these interesting subjects. This glossary is one of its kinds on the Internet that covers extensively about astrology, tarot, runes, numerology, psychic, dream, aromatherapy and occult.

This free online software is as complete as it can get thus making Mystic Board the one and only resource of such an extensive nature. The software is simple, thus encouraging even novices to use it to clear their doubts. MB Divination Software is an attempt at making Mystic board the ultimate destination for divination related information.

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MB Tea Leaf Reading

Tea Leaf Reading is considered to be one of the most creative and intuitive forms which originated nearly over five thousand years ago. High level of concentration is the key to success in this form of divination. It is concentration which enables the seer to interpret the symbols reflected by the different tea leaves and activate their psychic levels. MB Tea Leaf Reading is an effective tool, which is based on the art of reading the tea leaves. This involves the art or practice of predicting fortunes and interpreting the near future of persons from the tea leaves.

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MB Mole Reading

Moleosophy or the study of moles is also a branch of astrology – a form of divination by studying the moles or the birthmarks on your body. Moles are classified on the basis of a number of factors like its color, shape, size and location. Based on all these factors, the characteristic of a person can be determined. With MB Mole Reading Software you can yourself read and interpret what the moles located in different parts of your body mean.

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MB Cartomancy

Like the Tarot playing cards too are used as a form of divination and fortune telling. MB Cartomancy is a tool which tells you about yourself, your surroundings and also predicts your near future. It gives you an overview as to what the future has in store for you. MB Cartomancy Software generates a reading for a person based on his personal details (Name and Date of Birth) and the spread selected by the enquirer himself.

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MB Dowsing

Dowsing has been one of the most ancient forms of divination since time unknown; it is also referred to as the water witching or divining. MB Dowsing Software is an advanced yet simple to use dowsing software. This software lets people record their dowsing experiences and also explains the meanings of the different symbols that occur in one’s dowsing. MB Dowsing Software allows one to keep track of the different dowsing experiences in a form a dowsing diary.

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