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MB Divination Dictionary

MB Divination Dictionary Software is an online reference tool for people interested in everything related to divination and anything esoteric. The vast nature of the topic sometimes discourages people from learning more about it. The main aim in developing this software is to provide even a layman with information easily at his fingertips so that he can venture and learn more about these interesting subjects. This glossary is one of its kinds on the Internet that covers extensively about astrology, tarot, runes, numerology, psychic, dream, aromatherapy and occult.

This free online software is as complete as it can get thus making Mystic Board the one and only resource of such an extensive nature. The software is simple, thus encouraging even novices to use it to clear their doubts. MB Divination Software is an attempt at making Mystic board the ultimate destination for divination related information.

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MB Runes Dictionary

MB Runes Dictionary Software is one of the very few and as complete as possible dictionary for definitions and explanations of everything related to the divination method of runes reading. This is an introduction to the unexplored world of the runic alphabet and inscriptions. This kind of divination is not as widely used and is still a mystery and this software aims to make it as simple as possible to those who are interested in knowing more about this wonderful form of divination. This complete resource is one of its kinds on the Internet for easy and quick reference.

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MB Runes Reading Software

This divination software is a forecasting software that is based on the runic alphabet inscribed on stones. Very few acclaimed rune readers are found worldwide as this is a complex method of prediction. This software makes things much simpler by giving the user explanation about the kind of stone that needs to be used in a particular reading, the kind of spread to use and the meanings of runes displayed in the reading. The user can thus gain an insight into his past, present and future, helping him with the situations that he has to deal with. 

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MB Runes Software

MB Runes Software is a wonderful rune stone reading and customized deck / spread creation software. This program generates a reading for you based on the runic divination method. Users can also develop their own decks / spreads and send it to others. This leads to a wholesome discussion and exchange of ideas and knowledge. At the end of the day, everyone gains by such knowledge transfer in the long run. MB Runes Software aims to give you an insight to your spiritual self and develop you intuitive powers.

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MB Learn Runes

MB Learn Runes is a completely educational software which aims to help you in learning the basics of this ancient form of divination. Runes stones with the runic alphabet have been used for fortune telling since a very long time. Mystic Board aims to help novices and people new to this form of divination learn to read the runes and understand its meanings with clear images and descriptions. The program has an easy-to-use interface which also includes a Goal Reminder thus allowing the user to set goals that they intend to achieve.

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